I’m About to Become a Regular.

Before my moving truck arrived, I was eating at a lot of different restaurants. This necessary-but-expensive food tour of my new city turned out to be incredibly fun (and probably worth the all the pretty pennies I dropped on it).

I also had a cold during my first two weeks in Rhode Island, which made for a bit of a difficult time shopping for everything I needed in my apartment and exploring the state with my mom. There were a few nights when all I wanted was some comfort food and an early bedtime.

I looked at a map of my neighborhood and found Lim’s Fine Thai and Sushi on the map. It had great reviews and it was a five minute walk–sold! My mom, best friend, and I strolled over to Lim’s (it really was a short walk!) and we were greeted and seated within moments. The restaurant has four distinct areas–the bar/takeout counter, a dark booth/table seating area, a much brighter and open seating area, and outdoor tables. We sat at one of the dark booths, which was a little too moody for my taste. It was difficult to see the menu, which I later found out was filled with a lot of delicious food. I would recommend grabbing a seat in the brighter seating area, unless you don’t want your date to see how messy you are when you eat 😉

I ordered hot tea and miso soup, but my mom and friend ordered full meals. They also ordered the garlic string beans and scallion pancakes for appetizers. I’m so glad they did! I wasn’t feeling up to eating any solid foods, but I tasted the green beans and I literally couldn’t stop. They were so flavorful and perfectly cooked. I decided to go for a scallion pancake too and I definitely finished the plate. My mom and friend were just glad I was feeling a little better and didn’t mind sharing. They enjoyed their meals and I grabbed a takeout menu for the minute I was feeling well enough to order again.

Lim's takeout

But once I was feeling better the next week, guess what I ordered. That’s right: garlic string beans and scallion pancakes! I added a Thai tea with boba and enjoyed my food at home. I really enjoyed the meal–it hit the spot.

I recommend Lim’s for great takeout or an easy meal at their restaurant. The staff is very kind and accommodating, the restaurant is large and suitable for all different occasions, and the menu is huge. Everyone can find somewhere to sit and something to eat! I look forward to becoming a regular at my new favorite Thai place in Wayland Square. Comment below with your favorite menu item at Lim’s.



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