Quali-tea Caffiene Fix in PVD

I’ve only been here for a month, but I can already tell that Providence is a coffee town! This city clearly cares about keeping everyone caffeinated (say that three times fast!). During my days of exploring, I’ve been able to try some really great coffee shops. Here are my favorites so far. I expect this list will grow exponentially as I find more places!

iced coffee
blue state

Blue State Coffee

Highlights: iced coffee, specialty drinks, good study/work/reading environment

This was the first coffee place I tried in Providence and it will always be a favorite. I think any Blue State location is great for an iced coffee, grab-n-go pastry, and great environment for those who want to stay to get some reading or work done.

L’artisan Cafe and Bakery

Highlights: amazing patio, kind staff, delectable sweets, grab-n-go meals, social environment

I stopped in L’artisan a few times (before my French press arrived on my moving truck). I tried some of their regular coffee and then a hazelnut soy latte. Both times I went, the weather was perfectly chilly and I was able to enjoy my cozy, hot drink on their beautiful patio. Visiting L’artisan is such a pleasant experience. The staff is sweet and friendly, and their customers seem loyal and excited to be there. It’s a great environment for socializing, day or night.

I dream of these croissants.

Tea and Javas (Wayland Square)

Highlights: great cold teas, options for full meals, croissants that heal hangovers, people watching

I love a place that can help cure a hangover. Tea and Javas was really there for me one day when I needed a little bread to soak up a Saturday night. A friend and I waited in line for some coffee before a nice walk around my neighborhood. The staff was so sweet and helpful–we ordered fun lattes and we each got a fresh croissant. They were fluffy and buttery, perfectly baked, and absolutely crave-worthy. My coffee was a little too sweet, so the next time I went I tried an unsweetened iced tea. It was delicious! During that visit, I sat at a high-top work area inside to catch up on letter-writing and people-watching.

three sisters
Three Sisters wins breakfast

Three Sisters

Highlights: the London fog, amazing food, desserts for days, and a funky environment

I met a friend at Three Sister for a midday caffeine fix. I decided to walk there because this fall weather is just amazing. The restaurant is so funky and the menu really gave me heart-eyes. They had so many options for amazing drink concoctions, full meals, and desserts for days. I tried to be responsible and order something relatively healthy to go with my tea. I treated myself to a London fog (the coziest and most delicious drink of all time) and I ordered the veggie egg wrap. We grabbed a table outside and gabbed for hours. It was such a lovely environment–very good neighborhood restaurant vibe. I was really happy with my order, but I cannot wait to go back and try more items off their menu.

Have you been to any of these coffee shops (or others)? Share your favorite place and favorite order in the comments section below!


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