Brunch at The Salted Slate

Providence has so many little pockets of restaurants, so I’m really glad I moved to the Wayland Square area. I’m close to some really fantastic places and it’s been fun to check them all out (slowly but surely). My bestie from college lives in Newport, which is about an hour away–much better than the 1,000-mile distance we had between us a month ago. Right when I arrived, she came to visit me and camp out on my apartment floor before my moving truck arrived. She was (and still is) the perfect exploring buddy, especially when it comes to trying new and amazing food.

donuts to share

We had our first taste of Wayland Square at The Salted Slate, a trendy American restaurant with some fun international influences. The restaurant is very beautiful and clean, with a lot of options for seating–indoor, outdoor, high tops, and typical tables. We picked a spot outside and we were greeted by a very friendly server who, with no difficulty whatsoever, convinced us that we needed to order the house-made Bag of Warm Doughnuts. They did not disappoint. Honestly, I’m not sure why I didn’t order more for my meal.

breakfast plate

Instead, I ordered the Breakfast Tagine, which is essentially shakshuka, my favorite Israeli dish. Unfortunately, the dish had some odd spices in it that I didn’t like. Like a champ, I ate the whole thing, which included perfectly cooked eggs in a hearty tomato ragout, grilled bread, and a fresh pesto dip. Next time I visit for The Salted Slate brunch, I’ll try the Lemon Ricotta pancakes. I’ll let y’all know how it goes. Comment below with your experiences at this classy joint.




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