You KNEAD These Donuts

KNEAD entrance

What’s the best way to turn a horrible, no good, very bad day into a great one? Donuts! Today got off to a bit of a rough start, so I stopped in a store that I walk by multiple times each day: KNEAD Donuts in Downtown Providence.

When I first heard about KNEAD, I decided to save it for a special occasion–a celebration or a day I needed a boost. This morning was a bit off and I was walking by on the way to work, so it worked out perfectly. The store is incredibly easy to find, even if you’re not looking for it. They have a flag hanging above and an A-frame sign outside, pointing you in the direction of the delicious treats.

donut heaven
donut heaven

Like most people, I have my go-to flavors for sweets. I love vanilla and caramel and I tend to order more Plain Jane desserts. When I walked into KNEAD, I immediately felt better. They had rows of expertly baked donuts lined up in a small window of a beautiful, open concept shop.

I was having difficulty making a selection, so the kind cashier invited me to taste a couple samples. I tasted the Maple Sea Salt and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Old Fashioned featuring a milky white chocolate dunk. Both were outstanding, making it even more difficult to make a final choice.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Old Fashioned with a White Chocolate Dunk
Chocolate Chip Cookie Old Fashioned with a White Chocolate Dunk

I went with the Chocolate Chip Cookie Old Fashioned with the white chocolate “dunk” and took my little treat to-go. When I got to my office, I made some coffee and I was able to enjoy my amazing donut while I caught up on emails.

Everything about this donut was perfect: the texture, the taste, the sweetness, the freshness, the ideal amount of white chocolate. There’s a reason I kept hearing about this place, and now I completely understand why everyone is talking about it!

I will definitely be going back to taste some of the other donuts at KNEAD! Have any of you been? Let me know what flavor you tried and if you have a current favorite!


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