about see jane eat

Welcome to See Jane Eat! I’m Jane and I love food–a lot. I love cooking, dining at restaurants, and taking food home to curl up on my couch. I’m also lucky enough to travel quite a bit and I love trying new places while I’m on the road.

me cooking

Less than a year ago, I moved from one foodie city to another. Leaving behind Athens, Georgia was difficult, but Providence, Rhode Island definitely has some amazing spots for comfort food, great coffee, and, of course, donuts.

This website allows me to talk about all my fun, foodie adventures and share some of my lifestyle tips. Sometimes I stay on topic and other times I’ll be talking about something seemingly unrelated. But that’s the fun in having a personal blog! I get to discuss anything that relates to my life (which, most of the time, involves food).

I’m a flexitarian, so I eat a little bit of everything, with an emphasis on vegetarian food. I can’t wait to share thoughts on my own personal food tour of Providence and all the cities I visit!

Looking to collaborate? Contact me at janebdiener@gmail.com!


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