My Neighborhood Dive

In a recent update to a post about a neighborhood brunch spot, I mentioned an experience at Red Stripe that made me question whether or not I’d be able to call this restaurant my neighborhood go-to. Their spacious and lovely restaurant is a three minute walk from my apartment, making it an ideal spot for meals with all my visitors.

my good-but-not-great brunch

A couple weeks after that less-than-perfect brunch experience, I was in desperate need of a meal cooked by someone else. Anyone else get that feeling? I normally end up with some sort of grab-n-go sushi, Thai takeout, or a pizza. But this time I was craving seafood. So I hopped over to Red Stripe and ordered fish and chips to go so I could then go home to watch The Office in my pajamas (is there anything better than that?). It wasn’t bad! I’m not sure how a restaurant can go wrong with fried fish and fries, though I’m sure there’s some place that can mess it up. Red Stripe did a great job–the fish was fresh and well-seasoned and the fries weren’t too greasy.

After a good experience with the to-go meal, I felt like I could trust Red Stripe well enough to go again. When my friend Dalia was visiting for 24 hours, we took it upon ourselves to eat everything we possibly could (including the delightful and always perfect KNEAD Donuts). Dalia was feeling a little jet lagged around dinner time, so we decided to stay close to home and walk over to Red Stripe.

red stripe pasta dishes

As usual, the staff was lovely and very helpful. We got our hands on some of their delicious bread, which they serve in a classic French style by bringing a basket of warm sourdough bread to the table along with some delicious butter. We placed our order and focused on catching up. Minutes later, my linguine with clam sauce and Dalia’s beef stroganoff arrived, releasing delicious smells of garlic and sauces into the air.

My dish was delicious, but then again I would eat anything cooked with white wine and garlic. The clams were a good size for me and the serving size was respectable (not too big, not too small). My favorite part was the leftover sauce! The tiny bits of clam and the garlicy goodness of the white wine sauce was a real treat.

I love Red Stripe first for how convenient it is, then for how lovely the staff is, and then for the food. Definitely not a place you go to be blown away, but certainly a reliable and nice place to pass the time. I think they will only improve year after year and as they continue to improve their menu. That’s great news for me because I think I’ll be a loyal customer for quite some time. Have you tried Red Stripe yet? Let me know your favorite (new or old) menu item in the comments section below!



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