6 Ways To Recreate Your Fave Restaurant Meals

With all the amazing restaurants I've been fortunate to dine at, I have a long list of meals that have blown me away. I don't have a physical list, but if someone were to ask me to tell them the best thing I ever ate, I would be able to provide a categorized rundown of all the... Continue Reading →

4 Budget-Friendly Habits I’m Testing Out This Month

I've heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit. If I'm understanding that concept properly, that also means it takes 21 days to replace some other habit. Is that still true if I'm breaking habits that I've been maintaining for 28 years? Some of my eating habits are so long-standing and deeply ingrained... Continue Reading →

Free Food For A Week!

During the work week, I typically eat healthy breakfasts and lunches. Most of my dinners are leftovers from whatever I've prepared for lunches. Usually that includes crock pot chili made of whatever canned/fresh ingredients I can find. I also make different cold salads, soup (miso is my go-to), and rice dishes. I used to do... Continue Reading →

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