My Simple Guide To Budgeting For One, Part 2

In Part 1 of My Simple Guide To Budgeting For One, I shared a little bit about my personal finance journey, including how I set goals and how I choose the best resources to manage my money. One of the biggest takeaways: Set reasonable, tangible, exciting, specific, and intentional goals. Tracking In 2014, my budget was... Continue Reading →

Work Hard, Save Hard

I’m more than halfway through the busiest month of my year. I plan academic summer programs all year long and all four of them start in July. Most days lately, I wake up as early as I can (it averages at around 6:00a) and get a lot of work done in the morning. I’ve been... Continue Reading →

My Simple Guide To Budgeting For One, Part 1

Over the summer of 2014, I stopped living paycheck to paycheck. It sounds like I won the lottery or something. Rather, I won the job lottery. Well, I worked hard through college and graduate school, applied for a well-paying summer job, and got it. I didn't have any previous connections to the organization that hired... Continue Reading →

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