Don’t Mind If I Burri-Do

As a newbie to Providence, I’m so glad I picked a residential area that checks so many boxes off my foodie must-have list. The categories are endless, but I think we can all agree it’s ideal to have a great place for hangover food, burritos, and a nice ambiance.

Luckily, Talullah’s Taqueria is right around the corner from me and it covers all three! I went there the first time over the summer on a weekend night. The line was wrapped around the corner, so I knew it would be good. Luckily, my friends had placed our order and we got some delicious tacos to go. I tried the black bean taco and the potato taco. They were both absolutely delicious and only made me want to try more items on the menu.

A few weeks later, my friend and I were in need of some delicious hangover food, so we took a long stroll over to Talullah’s (we really wanted to earn the burrito goodness). I decided on the fried fish burrito and I do not regret that choice. It came with some amazing slaw and guacamole that made the flavor-packed burrito taste very light and fresh.

We enjoyed our well-deserved brunch with a couple of cokes out on the Tallulah’s patio. It was a beautiful day out and the outdoor seating was very pleasant.

I highly recommend Talullah’s for a fantastic lunch or dinner. It’s quick, delicious, and reasonably priced!

What’s your favorite place to grab a burrito in Providence?


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