Red Stripe Brunch

It’s always nice to live in walking distance from a good brunch spot, so I’m taking it upon myself to try them all. While my mom and best friend were visiting, we strolled over to Red Stripe for Sunday brunch. I was feeling really sick, so I needed comfort food. It was packed, but the restaurant is huge. We were seated right away at a booth/table in the back. I ordered hot tea and got my own personal pot of hot water with my plain black tea–nothing special, but it hit the spot. The service was pretty slow, but the entire staff made up for it by stopping by our table whenever they could. Even the hostess was helping out by running food to tables and filling up our drinks.

eggsI ordered a scrumptious omelette called The Forager with wild mushrooms, Gruyere, fine herbs, and bearnaise. I also added a side of Hollandaise sauce because I was feeling a little dramatic. The omelette came with sourdough and herb potatoes and both sides were absolutely fantastic. I love bread in any way, shape, or form. But this was just decadent sourdough bread that paired so well with my egg plate. The herb potatoes were fresh and perfectly seasoned. Now for the main event: the omelette. I was so impressed with the taste and texture, and particularly pleased by the lack of grease. Sometimes Gruyere can taste a little oily to me, but this omelette had a great balance of all the ingredients.

Overall, my brunch experience was delightful and I would absolutely go back for more. The restaurant was clean and comfortable, but just a little loud (especially for someone who was sick and starting to lose her voice a little). It’s a great spot for a family or friend group of any size to enjoy a meal and the prices are all in a reasonable brunch range.

Update: I went back for brunch a few weeks after this and had a much different experience. I think they were in between menus, which meant my friend and I got two different brunch menus–one had everything we wanted to eat and one was less than awesome. It turns out that the menu we both loved was a thing of the past. We ended up with a decent brunch. I got an egg dish with fries and my friend got Mussels with fries. Unfortunately, the coffee was the highlight of the meal. It was still a lovely environment and the staff was very kind and well-meaning. I’ll give it another shot after their menu transition is over to see if the less-than-delicious dining experience is outside of their norm.


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